The Toro Denomination of Origin has concluded 2021 with an increase in sales of 3.94% compared to the previous year, which represents a total of 16,037,500 bottles sold.

An increase that has been motivated mainly thanks to the growth of the commercialization of all the wine segments, especially in red oaks that reach 8 million for the first time in the history of the Denomination of Origin.

The sales figures for 2021 in the D.O. Toro managed to break records for another year as they placed us above 16 million bottles sold, surpassing the sales data for 2020, and managing to increase last year's sales in all wine segments. This situation shows that Toro's growth is unstoppable, since year after year a sustained growth in Toro wine sales has been consolidated, which is great luck and shows us that consumers continue to trust in the great work of wineries and winegrowers to achieve excellent quality wines that the public like and the data shows this, since this is the basis for the great loyalty of consumers, either in the Horeca channel or in food or online, where the sales have not stopped growing.

With these data it is clear that consumers have chosen Toro for its great potential, thus consolidating the figures and managing to increase our market segments thanks to the high quality and recognition enjoyed by the wines of the D.O. Toro., And is that the wide range from which the consumer can choose and their magnificent value for money position them as one of the favorites of consumers.

According to the President of the Regulatory Council of the D.O. Toro, Mr. Felipe Nalda, this continuous rise is due to the fact that “Toro is an area of great wines with enormous quality, which also has a great acceptance in the market and which has been reflected in the evolution of recent years in which sales have not stopped growing ”. He also points out that “the great performance our wines have had during this year 2021 is a collective success that highlights the potential of Toro wine, which is increasingly conquering more consumers, without forgetting the magnificent performance of the wines. Toro wines for export ”. This is undoubtedly something transcendental for the Denomination of Origin, since it consolidates and reaffirms it as one of the most influential not only nationally but also internationally. The efforts of wineries, winegrowers and the Regulatory Council itself over time and during this hard year have managed to position and make known to the public the excellent wines made in Toro.

This Christmas, without a doubt, an ideal choice for dinners and lunches will be to have a Toro wine on the table. For its innumerable variety and high quality that are a symbol of distinction of all our wines. Thank you for the path traveled and, above all, for the one we have yet to travel by your side. Health!.

Choose wine from Toro. For a thousand reasons.